Sunday, February 2, 2014

8 Craft Booth Ideas

Craft market season is upon us with many of Philadelphia's leading venue's applications fast approaching. As As a follow up from my post Planning Your Craft Show Booth, here are some great displays to spark your creativity.

Don't let you creative expression stop at your work.

1. Sugar Bee Crafts
Here is a beautiful yet simple display by Sugar Bee Crafts. Her use of color banner along with the wooden arrows letting walker-bys know what in store is warm and inviting. Check out her original post for more tips.

2. Cherie of JimmyPickles
I really liked this display because of Cherie's curtains to hide her tent legs. It gives it a taste of home. Check out the original post for more pics of her display.

3. Virginia of Gingercake Patterns
Try going vertical when you have lots of smaller items.  Check out her original post for more pics of the display.

5. Sally Jean
A touch of sophistication with a monotone display can be just as effective as color and bright.

6. One Lucky Day
Love the creativity of the ladders for a clothing rack! For views of the rest of her booth head over to her blog.

7. Cutsey but not Cutsey
I've been a big fan of Cutsey but not Cutsey for a while now, as she it out of Philadelphia as well. I love her use of signage in this display.

8. Tadpole Creations
I've had the pleasure of meeting Tadpole Creations and being in a market with her. She does a great job and her displays vary from show to show.

Happy planning!

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